Paleo Exercise Workouts For Your New Lifestyle

Paleo exercise and its’ basic workout principles is to move the way the cavemen did.

The way you were naturally designed to move.

Paleo Exercise

Paleo Exercise


Physical activity should be incorporated throughout your day.

Not just fitting an hour in at the gym when you can get there.

Adding more movement to your day will help you add a number of health benefits.

Exercise reduces stress and improves your immune system.

It will help to optimize your blood pressure and overall heart health.

As well as lowering your risk of stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and other disorders.

Associated with the typical American lifestyle and the aging process.

How can you add more movement to your daily schedule?

For starters you can increase walking whenever you can.

You can also park across the parking lot from your destination.

Some people choose to use a standing desk at work while others take stretch breaks.

If you live in a bike-friendly area, make full use of that and bike whenever you can.

There are also a number of paleo exercise routines that you can add to increase muscle mass and stamina.


Box Jumps

Box jumps are plyometric jumps that will help train your lower body and give you rock solid legs.

You can either buy a plyometric box or make one yourself if you’re handy.

They are easy to adjust to any fitness level. Don’t overdo it at the beginning.

A 14-18 inch box is recommended to do this exercise .

You can work up to a bigger box when you’re ready.

An ideal routine to work up to would be 6 sets of 3 reps with a 60-90 second rest period in between.


Tire Flips

Tire flips are simply flipping a very large tire.

If your gym doesn’t supply one, you can find a tire dealership that specializes in farm tires.

Performing this exercise will increase your strength and aerobic capacity .

So that you’ll see big improvements in any other activity that you participate in.

Add tire flips to your program once or twice a week.

A typical routine would be to flip the tire on a course, three to four sets.



Kettleballs are weighted balls with handles that have become extremely popular.

You don’t have to run to the gym to use these, just pick them up in any big box store.

Kettleball workouts offer a high caloric burning workout.

In a minimal amount of time, giving you a tighter figure.

Workout times vary from 10 – 20 minutes.


Paleo Exercise

Paleo Exercise


Muscle Ups

Muscle ups are basically pull-ups followed by a dip.

It takes incredible upper body strength and lots of practice to master.

But you’ll feel like a beast when you accomplish it.

You’ll want to be able to do at least six strong pull-ups before you consider these.

Add these two days a week to your workout program.


Wall Balls

A wall ball workout involves the movement of taking a weighted ball.

Doing a squat and then throwing the ball upwards to a target on the wall.

It will increase upper body and core strength.

It’s easy to adjust depending on your fitness level.

A typical workout would be about 150 wall balls in twelve minutes.


Successful Paleo Lifestyle Managing Time In The Kitchen

Successful paleo lifestyle is planning meals managing time in the kitchen.

While making a smooth transition to a new way of eating.

Successful Paleo Lifestyle

Successful Paleo Lifestyle


For many people, one of the most difficult parts of transitioning into a healthy eating lifestyle is planning.

If you want to be successful you will always know what you will be eating.

When you will be eating it, and what ingredients you will need to make it.

Flying by the seat of your pants simply won’t work anymore.

Especially if you are in the beginning stages of implementing this new lifestyle.

Failing to plan leaves you vulnerable to poor food choices and temptations.

Remember, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Start by designating one or two days a week that will be your new shopping day.

Spend some time beforehand going through your cookbooks, Pinterest and paleo food blogs.

Another great tip for the successful paleo lifestyle is making meals ahead of time.

Rather than preparing a huge meal when you walk in the door at night.

Take one day in the week to prepare and freeze all of your meals.

You don’t need to freeze your entire meal.

Freezing just your main food for each night will save you lots of time in the kitchen after a busy day at work.

Think through your week and evaluate how much time you have for food prep.

If you have a busy schedule, you will want to consider crockpot recipes as well as freezer meals.

If you can, designate some time over the weekend to precook (or grill) some meat.

Here are a few quick suggestions:

  1. Prepare a roast, slice thin and and freeze in individual portions
  2. Buy individually wrapped fish packets from your warehouse club
  3. Cook bacon in batches
  4. Lightly steam or roast veggies that can easily be reheated
  5. Brown some ground beef and grill some chicken breasts or thighs


By varying sauces, spices and side dishes.

This can form the base for a variety of meals that you won’t get tired of.

Developing a meal schedule can also help keep you on track.

For example, chicken on Monday, crockpot on Tuesday, fish on Wednesday, leftover on Thursday, etc.

Having a streamlined plan will help you to be successful.

Because you won’t have to spend so much time thinking about what you are going to cook.

For many people, having to spend too much time wondering what they’re going to be doing leads to procrastination.

But make ahead meals don’t just have to be for dinner.

You can also create make ahead breakfast dishes.

Successful Paleo Lifestyle

Successful Paleo Lifestyle


Many people don’t have the time or motivation to prepare complicated breakfasts.

Doing simple things like pre-portioning your breakfasts will go a long way.

For example, if you are having blueberry pancakes one day.

Add the amount of pancake mix you will need (paleo of course).

Into a ziplock bag and place it next to your coconut oil in the pantry.

In the fridge, put the amount of blueberries you will need front and center.

Now your breakfast is ready, all you have to do it put it together – and cook it of course.

Don’t forget to think about the snacks between meals.

You need something to hold you over until your next meal and get you through a hectic day.

Making a simple paleo trail mix will not only give you a filling snack, it will also allow you to eat on the run.

If you have a little more time in the kitchen.

You can also make muffins, granola, or even hard boiled eggs.

With just a little advance prep you’ll find that maintaining the paleo way of eating is very doable.

And you will experience long term success.


Paleo Diet Tweak To Lose Weight Naturally

Paleo diet tweak can help you with your weight loss plans the natural way.

If you are like most people, you might be thinking that starting a Paleo journey will allow you to lose weight quickly.

Paleo Diet Tweak

Paleo Diet Tweak


There is nothing wrong with thinking this way.

For most of us ditching the processed foods is enough to trigger a good amount of natural weight loss.

But at some point your body will adjust to your new way of eating.

And your weight loss might start to slow because of it.

When this happens, you should look at your current activity levels.

The people who are the most successful on this Paleo diet tweak tend to be those who are the most physically active.

Now that the Paleo lifestyle has started making its mark.

It is easy to find a nice supply of yummy Paleo desserts.

There’s no shortage of websites, blogs, and even magazine articles ready to give you a delicious sample menu to try.

And while all of this is great, it definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be conscious of what you are eating.

For example, desserts – no matter how healthy – are still desserts.

And should be eaten as a treat and not as an everyday staple.

If you can, it’s best to try to stay away from sweets.

Or at least allow yourself only one or two Paleo treats a week.

It is also a good idea to remember that foods such as dried fruits, nuts and sweeteners.

Are very calorie dense and consuming them in moderation can be quite difficult.

Even though they are Paleo it might be best to stay away from them completely, if you are trying to lose weight.

Insulin resistance is an often undiagnosed but very real reason why many people tend to gain weight easily or struggle to lose weight.

When most people think of the body having issues with insulin, they think of diabetes.

But the truth is that you don’t have to be diabetic to have insulin resistance.

If you might be a candidate for insulin resistance.

It is important to take that into consideration when planning your meals.

Try to limit your nuts, seeds, and even certain seafoods while you are starting Paleo diet tweak.

The good news is that insulin resistance can be reversed so you aren’t losing these foods forever.

Just until your body adjusts to your new lifestyle.

You certainly don’t need to count calories.

But you should base your meals on the protein + veggie base and drink plenty of water.

While nuts, tubers, and fruits are Paleo, the staples of every Paleo plate is protein and veggies.

Paleo Diet Tweak

Paleo Diet Tweak


Be sure to eat plenty of nutrient dense food.

Depending on what your needs are, you can aim for Paleo foods that will give you the most nutrients.

The most energy, or make you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

If you need some inspiration, do a google search for ‘foods for energy’, ‘foods that make you feel full’, etc.

And go through until you find some good Paleo choices.

The best way to get a lasting meal is to try to make your meals around a balance of protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

This can keep you satisfied for about three – four hours.

This will help alleviate the wild blood sugar swings that happen after a typical high carb breakfast.

But most importantly, if you are feeling satisfied between meals.

You are less likely to make poor food choices or allow old eating habits to creep back in.

More than anything, remember that a gentle Paleo diet tweak is going to make the biggest impact on your life.

Don’t get caught up in extreme eating or exercise at the very beginning of your new lifestyle.


Cross-Fit Workout Designed For Paleo Eater

Cross-Fit workout diet plan design for the paleo eater maximizes your your workout.

Whether you have been following the paleo path for a few months.

Cross-Fit Workout

Cross-Fit Workout


Or a few years if you are not working out ‘paleo style’.

then you are not reaching your maximum potential.

Have you ever seen the insane things that Cross-Fit workout followers are able to do?

These guys are the ones that are performing box jumps.

Running obstacle courses, and performing feats of strength that seem impossible.

But somehow it is possible, and everyone from senior citizens to children.

Are able to do things that seem downright impossible.

Many times, they are even doing it with a smile on their face.

What’s their secret? Are they just better than you?

Do they just have a motivation that you don’t have?

Why is it that you might be killing it at the gym.

And still not be able to look, or perform, quite like a Cross-Fitter does?

Believe it or not, their secrets aren’t anything that can’t be accomplished easily.

They don’t have a magic pill and they aren’t necessarily spending more time at the gym than you do now.

But they are doing one thing that is critical for their success.

They are making sure that their workout is meant for their eating style and vice versa.

The paleo diet is based around eating the way that our caveman ancestors used to eat.

And that means eating the way that our bodies were intended to eat.

The same holds true for your workouts.

While Cross-Fit workout looks hard, (darn near impossible even)/

They are designed around the way that your body is supposed to be moving.

Believe it or not all of those box jumps, all of those tire flips.

Cross-Fit Workout

Cross-Fit Workout


And all of those pull-ups incorporate movements.

That are similar to the way that the hunters and gatherers used to move.

Right now, you might be training as hard as you possibly can.

You may even be getting your heart rate up and seeing those muscles becoming defined.

But that doesn’t mean that you are working out to your full potential.

And it doesn’t mean that you are working out in a way that compliments your paleo lifestyle.

Even if you are doing things like running, boxing, and weight lifting now.

You are still not necessarily hitting your mark when it comes to your workouts.

Cross-Fit workout works for two reasons.

First, because they are designed to have you moving.

In a way that compliments the way that you are eating.

And second, because the workouts themselves have been designed.

And tested by other paleo eaters who have walked this path before you.

Are you ready to start your Cross-Fit workout journey?


Paleo Diet: What Are Some Of It’s Benefits?

Paleo diet is a diet plan that should consist mainly of foods that can be gathered and hunted.

Much like what people ate during the Paleolithic period.

Paleo Diet Plan

Paleo Diet Plan


Food items such as bread, pasta, rice and dairy products are excluded.

As they required at least a farming and herding process.

And in many cases a secondary processing as well.

These foods are considered ‘agrarian’ and evolved much later than the hunter-gatherer foods.

Advocates of the Paleo diet believe that.

Our bodies were never designed to eat grains, legumes and dairy products.

They also believe that food should be unprocessed.

Paleo foods should basically be prepared from its natural state.

This means in the case of plant foods.

They should be either picked (or purchased in that condition), cooked and eaten.

Meat from animals should be cut into portions, cooked and eaten.

With no curing or processing along the way.

Those who follow the Paleo ethos believe that incorporating non-Paleo sources into our diet.

Is what makes us more at risk of numerous diseases and ill-health.

It may seem difficult and for some almost impossible.

To completely imitate what people ate in prehistoric times.

As today we have so many foods at our disposal.

We do not have to hunt or gather, we simply go shopping.

And there are so many processed foods offered to us today.

Paleo Diet Plan

Paleo Diet Plan


The Paleo diet is a mindset and it is not hard to think Paleo.

If the meat came from an animal that by its nature would have swum, flown or grazed the grass.

Or if the vegetables or nuts could have reasonably grown without intervention, it’s probably Paleo acceptable.

However if there was a secondary process such as curing involved it’s probably not.

In the average supermarket most Paleo foods will be in the meat and fruit and vegetable sections.

You won’t find much to suit in the aisles.

Here is a list of foods that you can eat if you want to follow a Paleo diet.


Meat And Fats

Meat forms the basis of the Paleo diet, supported by some vegetables, nuts and fruits.

Red meat from most grazing animals.

Such as beef, mutton and lamb, goats and game animals is considered Paleo.

Pork is also allowed but strict followers avoid bacon and ham.

Due to the curing processes they have undergone.

White meat from all manner of poultry, fish, shellfish and crustaceans are all accepted Paleo sources.

Degrees of adherence and interpretations vary.

But those who do consider themselves ‘strict’ Paleo observers.

Look for grass-fed rather than feedlot finished animals as their meat source.

You can add some flexibility on your Paleo diet by using flaxseed and olive oil in your meals.

Paleo Diet Plan

Paleo Diet Plan


Vegetables And Fruits

You can eat almost all types of vegetables and fruits.

Some Paleo dieters prefer to eat raw fruits and vegetables.

Avoid eating those that are from the ‘nightshade’ group, such as eggplants and tomatoes.

Corn is considered a farmed grain and not included.

Many also exclude potatoes.



Water is considered the primary Paleo hydrator and should be the main fluid consumed.

Milk products and soda drinks are definitely not part of the Paleo ideal.

Paleo dieters often drink filtered water as drinking water from the tap is discouraged.

Because it may contain chlorine and fluoride.

You may also squeeze a little lime, orange or lemon juice into your water to add variety.

Aside from filtered water you can also drink fresh juice.

Made from fruits and vegetables without any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

You can also drink herbal teas such as chamomile, peppermint and ginger.


Health And Fitness

If following a Paleo diet you must not forget to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routines.

The Paleo diet is a lifestyle diet and our ancestors certainly had to expend energy.

In the course of their hunting and gathering.

Like any other type of stringent diet plan, the Paleo diet has certain limitations.

If you have any pre-conditions or concerns.

It would be wise to consult with your health care provider.

Or dietitian before starting your own Paleo diet plan.