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Paleo Lifestyle Change For Your Family

Paleo lifestyle change is a difficult move for your family, especially if they’re determine to eat a certain way.

Sometimes the most challenging thing about making a lifestyle change is getting your family on board.

Paleo Lifestyle Change


Overcoming cravings and missing your old comfort foods can be hard during those first few weeks of paleo dieting.

To put it simply, it can be tough. You don’t need the added temptation of non-paleo foods in the house.

Foods that were bought for family members who haven’t made the decision to take the paleo leap.

Here are just a few tips to help you in your mission to get your family on the paleo bandwagon:


Meal Planning

When you are doing your meal planning and preparing your grocery lists.

Try to find recipes that are similar to what you know your family already likes.

A paleo recipe that mimics a family favorite is far more likely to be enjoyed.

Than a brand new recipe that no one is familiar with.

Invite your family to help you pick out new meal choices.

Kids (and adults) are more likely to be interested in trying new things.

If they feel empowered to make some choices of their own.

If you do choose to try a new recipe.

Try it out on yourself before you prepare it for a family dinner.

This will give you time to perfect the preparation and cooking methods involved.

As well as a chance to decide whether or not you actually like the dish yourself.


Food Shopping

Once you have your meal plan and grocery list ready to go, you don’t have to go it alone.

Bring your kids (or even spouse) with you and let them help you.

The more you can engage them in every step of the process.

The more interested they are likely to be in the final result.

Give them a rough outline of the types of foods that you need to pick up, and let them take the reins.

You can even make a game out of finding all of the items on your list.

With older children, you can give them each a piece of the shopping list.

And offer a prize for the winner who returns with all of the correct items first.

For younger kids, try giving them a small choice.

And allowing them to take their time to pick for themselves.

Tell them that you need three types of meat.

And a fruit in every color and see what they come up with.

Making grocery shopping fun and engaging.

Is a great way to get them more interested in the meals that these ingredients will become.


Meal Preparation

When you get ready to start preparing your paleo dinner, let your kids help you.

For any parent, this can be a little bit scary.

But kids usually like to get their hands dirty and do a bit of experimenting.

If you are worried about the way your child’s food will taste.

Cook the same dish right alongside them.

Not only will they feel empowered because they were able to make their own dinner.

But you will have a backup dish on hand.

If you need it, (and if you don’t need it you can freeze the extra dish to use as leftovers).

Embracing a new lifestyle is hard.

But having the support of your family will make it much easier.

Paleo Foods That Shrink The Stomach

Paleo foods you can eat to start to shrink your stomach.

As we age, the dreaded weight seems to begin to creep up into our midsection.

It is hard to spot at first, but over time it starts to become a real nuisance and can wreak havoc on your self esteem.

Sure, no one else might notice those extra few pounds, but you do and that is all that matters.

That weight gain affects us all, male or female.

And it is the natural result of the natural hormonal changes our bodies go through as we age.

Once these hormones start to shift, the things that used to work to keep us slim may not work so well anymore.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find your waistline again.

It simply means that you might have to put a bit more effort into it.

When you ditch the processed foods in favor of paleo foods.

You can reduce inflammation, reverse insulin resistance, and trim your midsection.

In other words, you can take control of those shifting hormones.

Something else that you should consider doing is starting to workout or changing your current workout routine.

The fat that accumulates around the stomach tends to be the most stubborn fat to get rid of.

This is why you want to hit it as hard as possible with the help of paleo foods.

Even a quick 30 minutes of cardio a few times a week.

With some strength training thrown in will likely be enough to start to see results.

If you are already working out in this way and still not getting results.

You might want to talk to a personal trainer, one who understands and is supportive of your paleo journey.

Many pre and post menopausal women have great success with a HIIT workout (high intensity interval training).

To rev up their metabolism and boost weight loss.

Essentially, you will be pushing your body to its limit for a short period of time.

  1. And then resting for a few seconds before pushing your body again.
  2. Of course nature has also designed some foods to help you blast that belly fat naturally:
  3. Bananas – the high levels of potassium absorb water retention caused by sodium
  4. Avocado – rich in monosaturated fat which can reduce abdominal fat
  5. Cucumbers – high in water content, cucumbers are extremely hydrating This extra hydration is an easy way to reduce the pesky bloat that plagues so many of us.
  6. Papaya – considered one of nature’s ‘healthiest foods’, the papaya reduces inflammation, protects against certain cancers, and even supports the immune system. But one of the greatest features of this fruit is the fact that it is great for digestion, in fact some people even recommend eating a papaya after eating meat or other foods with higher protein.
  7. Fennel – a noted digestive aid. Its seeds can soothe irritated GI tracts and even eliminate embarrassing gas.
  8. Melons – such as watermelon and cantelope are largely composed of water and will help remove excess fluid from the body.

Remember the importance of drinking water daily to keep your GI system functioning optimally.

And to flush the body of toxins and excess fluids.

When these excess fluids build up, they create bloating or bulging around the midsection.

Drinking enough water will help to eliminate that.

Currently, it is recommended that you should drink half your body weight in ounces.

For instance if you weigh 200 pounds, then you should drink 100 ounces of water per day.

Which works out to about 10-12 cups of water a day.

Even though it seems hard to start losing weight it is far from impossible.

Try to start developing positive new habits one day at a time.

And add these belly shrinking foods to your diet.

You’ll be amazed at the results you get from just a simple lifestyle change.


Paleo Diet Foods You Should Eat

Paleo diet foods that you eat are essential for your success on the Paleo diet.

If you are not eating a diet that is high in protein.

Paleo Diet Foods

Paleo Diet Foods


And full of clean foods then you will never see the full results of eating Paleo.

After all, this diet is hinged on you ‘eating like a caveman.

Meaning that you need to eat foods that come from the earth in their purest form.

For instance, instead of eating an egg sandwich in the morning, you will just eat the egg.

Instead of adding milk to your coffee, you will drink it black.

And instead of a steak and cheese sub you will just have the steak.

When you are eating Paleo diet foods.

You are eliminating things like processed foods, sugars, and most dairy products.

These things are not in their natural form.

And they will not be able to give you the nutrition that your body needs to stay strong and healthy.

But that doesn’t mean that you will not be satisfied.

When you eat Paleo diet foods, in fact you will be quite satisfied.

The Paleo diet calls for a lot of protein intake.

And this is a crucial reason that so many people have success when eating Paleo diet foods.

Protein not only makes you feel full.

But it also causes your body to break down your fat cells.

In other words, when you have enough protein you will never feel hungry.

And your body will constantly be breaking down old fat cells.

This is why grass fed lean meat is big on the Paleo diet foods list.

When an animal is grass fed.

It means that they are able to eat the diet that nature intended for them to eat.

So when you then eat the grass fed meat all of those essential nutrients are then passed to you.

Organic fruits and vegetables are also essential Paleo diet foods.

Not only are organic fruits and vegetables packed with nutrients and natural hydration.

But they are also full of flavor.

Most of us aren’t taught to combine our fruits or vegetables.

Instead we eat as little as we can on the side of whatever our main meal is.

Paleo Diet Foods

Paleo Diet Foods


But when you are doing the Paleo diet, foods like these will become your new best friend.

For example, instead of having corn as a side dish with your plain hamburger.

Why not cut that hamburger into cubes and add it to a large salad.

Filled with tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, avocado, cucumber and spinach?

Not only will you be getting the protein and flavor of the meat.

But you will also be consuming a massive amount of healthy nutrient-filled vegetables.

Nuts and seeds are also essential Paleo diet foods.

One of the hardest things about sticking to a diet is getting through the workday or taking long trips.

These are both times when you are away from home and away from your healthy foods.

When this happens, you are more likely to eat something unhealthy and lose all of the progress you have made.

But if you keep nuts and seeds with you at all times.

These Paleo diet foods will be sure to keep you on your healthy eating path.

Not only are they easy to pack.

But they can also be stored at room temperature and they last a long time.

Some people even keep a bag of mixed nuts in their car.

For those times when they get hungry while on the road.

If you are thinking of eating Paleo but you have no idea where to start.

Stick with these easy to find Paleo diet foods.

And remember, you are eating in a way that is going to change your life.

But you have to stick to it to really see results.

Don’t be ashamed to experiment with these Paleo diet foods.

Until you come up with recipes that will work for you.


Paleo Brain Foods That Help With Clarity

Paleo brain foods is not just some fancy made up phrase, it’s something we need to spend a little more time on.

One of the areas where we tend to struggle is focus.

Paleo Brain Foods

Paleo Brain Foods


Many times we aren’t able to think as clearly as we should.

And we are not able to concentrate the way that we should.

Sadly, for many of us we don’t even know that we have trouble with mental clarity.

Because we are just so used to living a certain way.

It’s like over time we have just learned to adapt to a lesser level of brain function.

We say that we are experiencing things like forgetfulness.

Or lack of sleep when in reality we are simply not feeding our brain the way that we should.

So our brain is not able to function the way that it should.

Sure, you can find things that claim that they can give you a boost of brain power.

There is no shortage of pills and gimmicks that claim that.

They will be able to help you find better concentration than you had ever thought possible.

But how great are these things really?

And do you really trust a pill bottle to be able to give your body what it needs?

Believe it or not, the best way to give your brain power a boost is not found in a pill or a bottle.

It doesn’t cost a fortune and it isn’t as complicated as many people would have you think.

In fact, you can boost your brain power simply by taking a trip to your kitchen.

The foods that we eat serve us in a variety of ways.

They can boost our immune system, they can help us to lose weight, they can even give us glowing skin.

But many people overlook the way that the foods that we eat can affect the way that our brain works.

Think about what happens to your skin when you overload on junk food.

Most likely you will not only find yourself feeling sluggish.

Paleo Brain Foods

Paleo Brain Foods


But your skin can become congested, develop acne, and even show signs of rosacea.

The skin gives you a physical picture of how the things you are putting into your body are affecting you.

While you might not be able to see what is happening in your mind, the effects are there as well.

You know that sluggish feeling you sometimes have when you eat poorly?

Part of that tired feeling comes with a loss of mental clarity and an inability to focus.

You know that energized feeling you can have when you eat a super healthy meal?

Part of the reason that you can get things done so easily is because your mind is able to think more clearly and focus more easily.

But where does the paleo diet fit into all of this? How can paleo foods give you a boost in brain power?

For starters, eating paleo provides you with a nice dose of nutrients and healthy fats.

Both of which are critical for your mental clarity.

It has been said that your brain uses as much as 20% of your total calorie intake.

This means that it isn’t just vital that you eat, it is vital that you are eating the right foods to fuel your brain.


Paleo Foods For Thought


Red Meat

Because protein is a staple of eating paleo, red meat is a big part of the paleo diet for many people.

Even though too much red meat can raise your cholesterol.

You still might want to add it into your diet a few times a week.

Red meat offers Vitamin B, which is essential for brain function.

Paleo Brain Foods

Paleo Brain Foods




You have likely heard of the importance of getting enough omega-3’s in your diet.

But there is another important thing that can only be found in fish.

And it is something that is often overlooked. Selenium.

Even though it isn’t as talked about as omega-3’s.

Selenium helps your brain with everything from motor skills to cognition.


Gut Health

Because eating paleo offers a lot of the nutrients that your body needs, it supports healthy gut function. A healthy gut goes hand in hand with your brain’s ability to function.

It is important to remember that if you are eating paleo for gut health.

You need to be sure you are consuming protein, vegetables.

And healthy fats at every meal. Additionally.

You should try to stick with things that will go through your system easily.

And offer a bit of natural hydration, (for instance, eat dark, leafy greens as your vegetable).

When you are changing the way that you eat.

It is important that you think about your brain.

And the impact that your changes will have on your mental functions.


Drinking Water Helps In Weight Loss

Drinking water keeps us hydrated and assists in the effort to lose weight.

It’s no secret that we need water to live, our bodies consists mostly of it.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water


It doesn’t just detoxify and hydrate us, it literally keeps us alive.

The cornerstone of good health is drinking water and plenty of it to stay properly hydrated.

In fact, drinking the correct amount of water is essential to live life at your optimum level.

When most people think of water, they think about hydrating their system.

But the reality is that water does more than just hydrate the system, it actually flushes the system.

What’s the difference?

Hydrating is essentially adding moisture or water to something.

While flushing means that there is so much water in the system.

That it literally pushes the bad things out of your system.

Flushing yourself with water is recommended for getting rid of excess fluid in the body, (also known as ‘water weight’).

Oxygenating the blood, aiding in the digestion of food and even keeping dirt from getting into your eyes.

Just to be clear, flushing your system does not mean that.

You drink as much water as you can as fast as you can.

Drinking water in the correct amount, throughout the day, every day, flushes out toxins and impurities.

You are helping your body fight off infections and other illness that invade your immune system.

Of course, when most people crave water the most is when they are in the middle of a heavy workout.

Although it may seem like simple thirst that has you reaching for your water bottle at the gym, it might be even more.

Drinking water enables us to regulate the body temperature and fight muscle fatigue.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water 


Even if your mind feels like it is simply thirsty for that liquid refreshment.

Your body likely has many reasons it wants you to hydrate during these times.

Another great reason for drinking water is to keep your bowel movements regular.

While this is not a popular topic there is no way around it.

Everybody has to move their bowels every day to be healthy.

Only when you are moving your bowels every day.

Is your body able to remove all of the waste buildup that gets created on a daily basis.

Do you ever find yourself reaching for that second helping even though you know you are full?

Try drinking water to keep from going back for that second helping.

Because it helps you to feel fuller faster.

Drinking a bottle of water before your meals.

Can help you to eat only what you truly want to eat during your meals.

In addition to drinking throughout the day.

Try drinking a bottle of water first thing in the morning.

And before you go to bed to really feel the cleansing effects.

For an extra kick, add a few drops of lemon to a glass of warm water first thing in the morning – this is a great detoxifier.

Most of us are already aware of the importance of water to our well being.

But struggle to drink enough and are actually walking around in a dehydrated state.

Many people think of dehydration in relation to being violently ill and needing to be hospitalized.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water


But that is just not the case.

Many of us are suffering from some level of dehydration and don’t even know it.

If you have dry skin, blackheads, brittle nails, or even itchy eyes you may be dehydrated.

If you get bored with taste of plain water.

Try some simple fruit infusions to liven up the taste such as lemon or strawberries.

A bit of stevia can also help.

Herbal teas can also serve as a substitute for drinking water.

Although nothing is as pure as the real thing.

It is also important to note that coffees and soda cannot substitute for water.

The healthiest way to consume water on the go.

Is by investing in a portable water bottle, with a glass insert.

Or one made from stainless steel.

Keep this bottle with you and refill it throughout the day.