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3 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet | Paleodietforyou

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

While the paleo diet is a different and healthier way to eat, it is not a weight-loss diet plan as such.

There is no doubting that people who are moving from an unhealthy diet to the paleo diet should see weight loss if they have weight to lose.

Eating the right amount of food and the right types of food in a balanced diet is the natural way to weight loss. So what about the people who have been on the paleo diet but aren’t seeing any weight loss? What are they doing wrong?

The truth is it could be any number of things. However, before ruling out the paleo diet and going back to what you were doing previously, it might be worth considering a number of typical issues that can confuse weight loss on the paleo diet.

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

Calorie Intake

Now, many proponents of the paleo diet will argue strongly over the fact that you don’t need to count calories. While that argument may have merits, there is no doubting the fact that a calorific surplus can restrict weight loss.

The paleo diet will allow your body to metabolise food more readily, but if there is too much of that food, the gains are made redundant. Count up how many calories you are consuming day to day.

If you find yourself eating more than the recommended amount and yet are still hungry, it may be a case that you are eating the wrong balance of food, and need to strike a better balance between your protein, fat and carbs.


Oddly enough, we can’t say too much exercise or too little exercise, because it could be both. Someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle with little no exercise could see a huge benefit in their weight loss if they were to start a routine of regular, gentle exercise.

However, the counter to that is someone who is exercising heavily. You may be building muscle mass, so while your weight is not dropping, you are losing fat and gaining muscle, which really should be the goal of any weight loss diet anyway!

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

Sleep It Off

One of the most important factors for a balanced diet is sleep. If the body is deprived of sleep, it doesn’t function as it should. Anyone on the paleo diet should be striving to get 8 hours of unbroken, deep sleep every night.

Dozing in an armchair doesn’t count, nor does sleeping with the lights on as your partner reads. You should sleep soundly and undisturbed in as dark a bedroom as possible. This will greatly help your metabolism to maintain regular function.


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