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Are Cheat Days Common On The Paleo Diet | Paleodietforyou

Are Cheat Days Common On The Paleo Diet

Are cheat days the allowed on the Paleo diet for!? And if so does it have an adverse affect on the way you lose weight. These are the questions that are asked first.

It is a question always asked with a tinge of guilt as if failure has already been admitted. Unfortunately, depending on who you ask, you may get greatly differing answers.

There are some who will decry you for planning to fail on your diet while others will insist on cheat days even if you don’t feel like taking them! The truth, as is often the case, is somewhere in the middle.

The purpose of the paleo diet is to redress the balance in our daily diets. However, this does not come without problems. Going out for a meal can prove difficult for those on a paleo diet, as can the simple situation of forgetting to bring your paleo lunch with you to work.

We do not live in a paleo friendly world, and sticking to the diet is not the most convenient thing to do. For that reason, there are always going to be occasions where you need to break the paleo diet. However, should you be intentionally choosing to eat non-paleo meals?

Can You Have Cheat Days on The Paleo Diet?

If we are to consider the paleo diet from a strictly theoretical view, then no, you shouldn’t take cheat days. Cheat days do not offer any benefit to the paleo diet, nor is it needed for anything in particular. Your body is receiving all of the nutrients and sustenance that it requires, and a cheat accomplishes little for the inner workings of your body.

However, if we are to consider the paleo diet from a practical point of view, then cheat days become somewhat of a necessity. Let’s face it, it’s not an easy diet to rigidly stick to without exception, and if for no other reason that the feeling of giving yourself a treat, cheat days make a lot of sense.

For many people, the paleo diet is a way of eating healthier and losing weight. Structured cheat days can facilitate this by allowing careful planning rather than unplanned binging.

Can You Have Cheat Days on The Paleo Diet?

So, should you take cheat days at any time and with regularity? Probably not, as you don’t really need them in your diet. However, cheat days can be used to give yourself a boost.


Perhaps you should consider them reward days rather than cheat days, as the guilt of a cheat day can stay with you longer than you want. The satisfaction of a reward day is a far more pleasing thought!

So use “reward days” to ensure that you don’t completely fall off the paleo wagon. Use them sparingly and you can still achieve all your diet and weight loss goals.


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