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Cross-Fit Training and Paleo Diet | Paleodietforyou

Cross-Fit Training and Paleo Diet

Just as the Paleo diet has become a household name all across the US and Europe, Cross-Fit has quickly established itself as THE name in fashionable fitness.

However, more and more we are seeing a crossover of the two; Cross-Fit enthusiasts preaching about the relevance and brilliance of the Paleo diet. So how is it that these two seemingly unrelated concepts have become so intertwined?

Is it simply that both have a certain status that attracts people, or is it that they share the same core beliefs?

In a way, the two have a similar vision about their own respective fields. The Paleo diet is focused on the core idea that the human body is not meant to consume many of the processed foods that have such a prominent place over our diets.

Cross-Fit Training and Paleo Diet

By ruling these out and only consuming the types of food that our bodies are more naturally able to process, we turn our bodies into more efficient, healthier pieces of machinery.

The Cross-Fit ethos is similar – it is about working out efficiently so that you get better results from a more refined approach. It is not difficult to see why fans of one would be attracted to the other. What is interesting here is that the push for an association between the two is predominantly coming from the Cross-Fit side.

Cross-Fit prides itself on results, and if its members are showing visible results, then it struggles to attract new clients. It uses social media to great effect, and if its members aren’t showing physical transformations, then this social proof it lost.

Cross-Fit Training and Paleo Diet

With that in mind, if they are advocating a Paleo diet, it surely must mean that such a diet works for them? And that’s the main issue. The Paleo diet DOES work for Cross-fitters.

By taking a balanced approach to protein, fat and vegetables, Cross-Fit ensures that its members are coming to the gym with a body that is full of a balanced diet that is in the perfect condition for transformation. With the Paleo diet, Cross-Fit can show massive improvements in strength, fitness and weight loss.

Furthermore, it acts as a dual form of verification. Weight loss and muscle growth are visible quickly. This makes the individual more likely to keep going with both the diet and the exercise, and that is exactly what Cross-Fit wants.

While the Paleo diet doesn’t need Cross-Fit and Cross-Fit doesn’t need the Paleo diet, there is no doubt that this is a match made in heaven.


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