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Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet | Paleodietforyou

Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

Losing Weight on the paleo diet is one that does not have backing solely as a weight loss diet.

The primary purpose is not losing weight, but to eat the foods that your body is capable of processing, and losing weight just happens to be a not too surprising side effect of that.

Think about it logically; obesity and being overweight is a result of eating more than we should or types of food that we shouldn’t. The paleo diet is all about ensuring we only eat the types of food that our body can process. It makes sense that this would lead to weight loss!

The problem with most diets is that they are not sustainable. Often, they can produce short-term gains, but those gains are quickly wiped out when the diet is no longer feasible. This is where the paleo diet comes into its own.

Losing Weight


As a diet plan that has not been conceived with weight loss as a goal, it is entirely sustainable when done correctly. That means that weight loss isn’t temporary, but permanent.

So what is so remarkably different about the paleo diet? From a basic point of view, the core difference is that the paleo diet does not advocate running at a calorific deficit. It recommends that you consume your daily recommended intake of calories.

The big difference is how those calories are made up. Just like an electric car won’t run on petrol, your body won’t run properly when it is given the wrong type of fuel.

By switching to a paleo diet, your body is more able to break down these calories into energy, because that is how your body is meant to work. This means less fat is stored and your body becomes a far more efficient machine.

One big issue with many weight loss diets is that your brain realises that the body is hungry and slows down the metabolism, meaning the calorie deficit is rendered moot. With the paleo diet, you don’t go hungry, so this doesn’t happen.

And that is why the paleo diet is so good for losing weight …because it’s not intended for weight loss! Weight loss is a simple side effect of eating the right kinds of foods in the correct quantities.

losing weight







Without changing anything but your diet, the paleo diet will lead to weight loss for those who have weight to lose. There is no escaping the fact that it is simple, efficient, and a healthy way of life.


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