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Paleo Christmas Themed Diet Food Ideas | Paleodietforyou

Paleo Christmas Themed Diet Food Ideas

Paleo Christmas themed diet Food Ideas for the holidays, is something new and different that strikes up a lot of interest and conversation.

One of the greatest things about the holidays is the decorations. Whether it is your Christmas tree, your home, or even your clothing holiday decorations are hidden everywhere.

Your food is no different. Most people don’t think of foods as being decorative but the truth is that there are many easy ways to spread Christmas cheer at your holiday table.

It might seem like too much hassle to decorate your foods for the holidays, but the extra bit of time you might spend in the kitchen is nothing compared to how impressed all of your holiday guests will be with your amazing food choices.

Christmas Themed Food Ideas

If you are looking for a healthy way to stand out at your Christmas gathering, here are a few paleo Christmas themed foods that aren’t just delicious but guilt free to boot.

One of the fastest ways to add Christmas sparkle to your holiday table is to make a paleo Christmas themed vegetable tree. Veggies aren’t just a healthy snack, they are easy to throw together.

Best of all, they are not messy, meaning you don’t have to worry about washing any dishes. This is an easy way to completely transform any food table. Want to liven up your finger foods? Why not make them in the shape of a Christmas wreath?

For example, if you are making meat pinwheels, lay them out in a large circle leaving a blank space at the bottom of the tray. You can fill that blank space with a bow, or better yet a bowl in the shape of a bow where you can add some paleo dipping sauce for your pinwheels.

Your guests will be amazed at this simple trick that is so often overlooked. A great addition to any meal is a healthy dinner salad. To add a healthy salad to your paleo Christmas themed festivities, why not create a delicious smoked salmon salad?

Christmas Themed Food Ideas

You can cut your salmon into the shape of stars and then drizzle a Christmas tree using a green paleo salad dressing. Not only will your salad look like it belongs in a magazine but it will also taste delicious.

What holiday table would be complete without a holiday snowman to liven things up? Choose a paleo cheese ball recipe and make two balls, one bigger than the other. Then simply put them on top of each other.

You can decorate your snowman with a tiny carrot shaped nose and small olive eyes. To make this look even more like Christmas, you can serve it with Christmas shaped paleo pita bread.

Simply add a toothpick to the bottom of slice of pita bread to make them look like Christmas trees. One of the best things about this is that your guests can eat it without getting their hands dirty, making this dish perfect for larger gatherings where people will be standing while they eat.


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