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Paleo Diet and Avoiding Overeating | Paleodietforyou

Paleo Diet and Avoiding Overeating

When someone decides to change their diet and try the paleo diet, they are instantly confronted with some big changes.

Many of the foods that they consider staple to their diet are no longer allowed and this can lead to a difficult period of adjustment.

One of the biggest issues facing people in this circumstance is that their body craves carbs. The paleo diet is not strictly a low carb diet, but many people interpret it that way, and for many people coming from a carb heavy diet, it can be a big change.

Let’s assume that you have gotten through the first few days (which can be very tough) and your body has adjusted to the new paleo diet. However, you still find yourself hungry after meals and desperate for a snack all the time.

Paleo Diet and Avoiding Overeating

What is the problem here? Is it that the diet doesn’t work? Is it that you need bigger portions? The answer, for most people, is usually quite simple. They haven’t eaten enough of the right kinds of food, and their body still thinks that it is hungry.

Following the paleo diet doesn’t just mean that you eat what is on the allowed list and don’t eat what is on the not allowed list. This approach can still lead to an incredibly imbalanced diet and one that is very difficult to stick to.

The all-important rule of the paleo diet is to eat foods from the allowed list while maintaining a balanced diet. If you go completely carb free, you will probably be hungry. If you go low fat, you will be hungry.

If you load up on green veg and skimp on the protein, you will definitely be hungry. Hunger, no matter how strong your willpower, will eventually lead to binge eating.

When starting out, it is very important to sit down and lay out exactly what kind of foods you need to eat to ensure a balanced diet, and how you are going to do that day to day, week to week.

Count Paleo Diet and Avoiding Overeating

Those that plan well early in the diet soon become naturals and can instinctively put together paleo-friendly yet balanced meals without consulting a recipe book. That, however, takes time. Initially, you will have to plan.

Additionally, you should consider what you will do for a snack when hunger does strike. There is no point in ruling out snacking entirely – that just won’t work.

Instead, put together some hunger-busting and easy snacks that you can put your hands on quickly. With this careful planning, you can ensure that overeating doesn’t become a feature of your paleo diet.


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