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Paleo Diet: Are You Eating Enough | Paleodietforyou

Paleo Diet: Are You Eating Enough

People beginning Paleo diet are often asked?

Are you eating enough and can you sustain the discipline it takes to succeed at reaching your goal before giving up and quitting. 

One reason why many people struggle on the paleo diet is not because they cannot cope with the limitations, nor that aren’t prepared enough to stick to the diet week in week out.

One of the biggest issues is that they are simply too hungry! Hunger is a terrible thing, and no healthy diet should leave you in a state of permanent or semi-permanent hunger.

Some people have expressed concern that no matter how much they eat, they cannot sate their hunger and eventually break the diet. So why is this?

Paleo Diet: Are You Eating Enough

Assuming that someone is having hunger issues on the paleo diet, and it is not in the first few days of the diet but after a period of adjustment, there is one simple answer.

You are not eating enough! Now, that is not to say you aren’t eating enough by quantity, but that the make-up of your diet is imbalanced.

It’s no good stuffing your face with cucumber and lettuce – the paleo diet is a balanced diet, and as such you need to stick to while ensuring your body has enough protein, fat, carbs and overall calories that it needs to function.

It is not quite as simple as substituting foods that you used to eat for foods that are now allowed on the paleo diet, as these foods can have vastly different nutritional contents.

A small amount of dried out grain can contain far more energy than a large amount of vegetables that have a huge amount of water weight.

Paleo Diet: Are You Eating Enough

This is why, initially, it is very important to map out your new diet to ensure that you are not starving your body of energy.

In order to ensure you are eating enough, you should calculate roughly the amount of energy that your body requires, and then map out a diet plan that is both paleo friendly and meets these needs.

Often, this means increasing the amount of meat you are eating, as well as eating more eggs, fats and cooking oils.  Finding the fight balance is all important if you are going to be able to stick to your new paleo diet.

Remember, the paleo diet is not just about losing weight, although that might be why it has become so popular.

The paleo diet is about feeding our bodies the kinds of food that it is meant to be fed. So stop starving yourself and make sure you’re putting the right kind of fuel in your engine!


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