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The Essentials Of Paleo Meals Plan | Paleodietforyou

The Essentials Of Paleo Meals Plan

What is the most difficult part about following the paleo meals plan?

For many, it can be sticking to that diet when cravings, mood or enthusiasm hits an all-time low.

This is completely understandable, and it happens to everyone. Sometimes our heart just isn’t in it. Maybe you have had a bad week at work, or some bad news at home.

Maybe you have had a fight with a friend, or maybe you just need to let your hair down for a weekend. It happens to everyone, and it will happen to you. What’s important is not why it happened, but how your respond to it.

Many people react to breaking their diet with an all or nothing approach. They give up and go back to their old habits and unhealthy eating ways because it seems easier than starting again.

However, you have to remind yourself that just like one swallow doesn’t make a summer; one faltering doesn’t ruin your diet. In the grand scheme of things, what does a couple of days matter?

Let’s say it’s a whole week. In a year, one week out of fifty-two isn’t bad going!

What To Do if you Fall Off the Paleo Wagon

If you hang on to guilt, self-doubt or that feeling of failure, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Think of all the good you achieved when you were on your diet.

That hasn’t gone to waste just because you’ve had a little blip. The absolute most important thing you need to do is forget about the blip and move forward. Start again, right where you left off.

Every week spent with the paleo meals plan is better than a week spent without it.

So how do you get back into the swing of things? By going right back to what you were doing. Get back to the shop and pick up your staple ingredients, making sure that you can make yourself some really tasty paleo meals.

All too often, people think that they have to “make up” for their digression by starving themselves or not treating themselves to the paleo meals they actually want.

This is silly behavior, and will only encourage you to break it again.

What To Do if you Fall Off the Paleo Wagon

Start planning again. Plan your week, prepare your batches, and just get yourself right back into the swing of it.

There is no point worrying about time lost – focus more on all the time already gained and making the most of the time left.

Worrying about your break won’t do you any good, nor will punishing yourself. What’s done is done. Throwing yourself right back into it is the only solution.


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