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Protein Can Help You Lose Body Fat | Paleodietforyou

Protein Can Help You Lose Body Fat

Protein can help you lose body fat. It’s the one ingredient that builds lean muscle, and exercising our muscles is what helps burn fat.

Depending on the kind of body shape your going for, working the muscles is essential to losing body fat quickly.

As a society, we are getting more and more obese. Almost two-thirds of the United States population is classed as overweight, and the problem is not restricted to the USA. Overindulgence has certainly caused some of the issues, but our changing diet has also played a huge part.

We no longer focus on staple foods, but eat imbalanced diets packed full of processed convenience foods. The paleo diet looks to re-balance those scales, and one of the ways it does that is by focusing on protein. That is why it’s so important for losing body fat?

Protein Can Help You Lose Body Fat

On average, we as a society consume a diet that consists of roughly 15%. Anything over 20 is considered a high protein diet. However, if you compare those figures to our ancestors, 25-30% would be considered average.

Recent thought suggests that this level of protein intake is more suited to our bodies’ naturally evolved state. This may be true, but how does that relate to weight loss? The main benefit of a protein rich diet is that it’s filling.


It makes you feel full for longer and removes false cravings that we would consider hunger. These false cravings are often misleading, and not representative of our bodies needing food, but rather than they aren’t processing the food that has been eaten.

Protein can also take longer to break down, meaning that the calorie intake is spread over a longer time frame, again giving you a slower-burning energy release. There is also a growing bank of research which supports the theory that our bodies have a natural desire for protein.

If this protein requirement is not met, the body will crave more food, leading to us eating more. If that protein was being supplied in the correct amounts, the body would not send out these cravings, causing us to overeat.

Protein Can Help You Lose Body Fat enefits

It also has also been strongly suggested that protein rich diets can, in time, improve our bodies’ leptin sensitivity. Our leptin sensitivity is a process whereby the brain recognizes excess fat in the system and instructs the body use up that stored fat for energy.

With a dulled sensitivity to leptin, this does not happen, and rather than use stored fat the body sends hunger signals. All of these reasons are simple yet fundamental reasons why protein rich diets are not only good for a balanced diet but for chemically altering how your body processes food.

This, in turn, makes these diets an excellent way of losing body fat.


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