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Pre and Post Workout Paleo Meal Ideas | Paleodietforyou

Pre and Post Workout Paleo Meal Ideas

One of the biggest questions around the paleo diet is regarding its use around working out.

There is a bank of ideas and thoughts that seem to have embedded themselves in people whereby they believe there are specific foods that need to be eaten immediately before and immediately after a workout.

Sure enough, if you go looking you will find plenty of sources that will bleat about the importance of “refilling your glycogen stores” before working out. While this is important, the idea that you can do this an hour before your workout is simply nonsense.

Pre and Post Workout Paleo Meal Ideas

Your glycogen stores take around one day be refilled, so what you have eaten the previous day is of far more relevance than what you eat one hour before your workout. Now, does that mean there is no point in eating before working out?

Not at all – it is definitely recommended that you don’t work out on an empty stomach. However, that is primarily so that you don’t get hungry.

If you are following a balanced paleo diet, and assuming you are not a professional athlete, then your balanced diet will be just fine for fueling your workouts.

That being said, are there any handy pre-workout snacks that can be good for keeping energy levels up and beating hunger away?

There are plenty, but generally, you want food that is low in volume but high in energy.

Foods that are easily prepared and easily digestible for the body. Avocados can be a simple pre-workout snack, as can tuna or nuts.

Many people like to have a simple salad with chicken and nuts to give themselves plenty of energy while hard boiled eggs can be the simplest of snacks.

Ultimately, it depends on how hard you will be working out, but try and stick to something satisfying and energy providing.

Pre and Post Workout Paleo Meal Ideas

Post-workout, you will probably want something a little more substantial. When on the go, eggs or salad boxes are particularly popular, but if you are going home after your workout then you are spoiled for choice.

A vegetable omelette can be incredibly satisfying, as can a hearty cut of beef. Why not try burgers with sweet potato fries?

The important thing with post-workout meals is to pick something you will really enjoy, as that will give you the motivation to work even harder during your workout.

Remember, you don’t need anything special or fancy for your workouts, just more of the same simple paleo goodness will give you all the energy you need!


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